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The early months of 2017 have been particularly heady days for bitcoin.

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Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money.Ethereum was launched in the middle of 2015 by a 21-year-old college dropout, Vitalik Buterin, who was born in Russia and raised in Canada.

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Even during recent pullbacks, though, the value of Ether has generally continued to gain on Bitcoin in relative terms.

For the first time ever, the price of a single bitcoin has surpassed the price of a single ounce of gold.Bitcoin is at its highest level since the beginning of the year.

Litecoin Value Increases by 700% As Politics Still Prevent Bitcoin From Scaling. The Litecoin value.The price of Bitcoin is difficult to predict as various factors impact the value of the digital currency.Half of the year 2017 has already passed and during this period the Bitcoin price made the most dramatic rises and falls in its history.

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And traders can probably thank President Trump for at least part of the big spike.Contrary to my co-founders at Zebpay, I love to predict and I love to publish my predictions.

Anyone holding LTC may see the Litecoin value increase a bit. 13-09-2017. 05:16. Litecoin Value Increases by 700% As Politics Still Prevent Bitcoin From Scaling.

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This has led to an enormous community of programmers working on the software.Business Giants to Announce Creation of a Computing System Based on Ethereum.The president also has some known bitcoin bulls in his administration as well.

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Another day, another high-profile analyst going bullish on Bitcoin with what many would argue is a high Bitcoin price update forecast.That could further weaken the dollar and fuel the rise in bitcoin and gold prices.The network of computers hooked into Ethereum can be harnessed to do computational work, essentially making it possible to run computer programs on the network, or what are referred to as decentralized applications, or Dapps.

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Start-ups that have followed this path have generally collected Ether from investors and exchanged them for units of their own specialized virtual currency, leaving the entrepreneurs with the Ether to convert into dollars and spend on operational expenses.Bitcoins are tracked in a public online record known as the blockchain.But bitcoin ( XBT ) is a beneficiary of this turmoil. So is gold.

Bitcoin spent New Year’s Day hitting its watershed moment, eclipsing $1000 USD in price after a record period of Bitcoin trading worldwide.This week, the Bitcoin market sentiment seemed to suddenly turn from bullish to bearish overnight.

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